Best Office Chairs 2020 | Reviews & Buying Guide

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This is the most exclusive list and guide to the best office chairs on the planet.

The best part?

We’re going to share a list of Best Office Chairs that are trending right now (in 2020).

After researching online from countless manufacturers and spending hundreds of hours in testing these chairs, I have shortlisted the top 12 chairs that you can buy right now. If you are one of the office or home-based employees or entrepreneurs, then you probably spend most of your time in a chair, right?

To make things happen, we have to glue ourselves in a chair and get after it.

Do you know? Using an uncomfortable chair that too for sitting long hours can only lead to serious health issues like poor blood circulation, decrease concentration, increase fatigue, work-related musculoskeletal disorders, back and neck problems, and other such problems.

Thankfully, countless companies are trying to defeat each other by developing the best office chairs, and the fact is, they all know it’s impossible. No one chair is best for all.

One ultimate thing about these office chair reviews is that all of the chairs listed are high-quality and we haven’t added any generic and cheap brands.

If you’re still confused about how to choose an office chair then we highly recommend you go with our office chairs buying guide where we have provided our dear readers with precise information by our experts to make the buying process quick and easy.

Below listed are specially designed chairs that will help you to reduce pressures on the various nerves of the spinal cords.

Thus restricting the chance of muscular and nerve diseases as well as help you to maintain the right body posture.

Let’s get started.

10 Best Office Chairs In 2020 | Reviews



1. Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller Embody Office Chair Review

If you are looking for an office chair from a reliable brand and expect it to be highly rated with positive reviews, then you should give a try to our first chair on the list named Embody Chair, which is from the well-known brand Herman Miller.

The world-famous office furniture, equipment, and home furnishings company are quite old and famous in the market of office chairs from 1905.

The Embody Chair has a graphite frame and base which looks attractive and premium at the same time.

The main highlight of this chair is to serve the particular and healthy purpose; it helps in pressure distribution, perfect spinal alignment, and supports users to maintain a natural movement for long hours of working or gaming.

The main motto of the company was to create an ergonomic office chair that would help users to convert their negativity into positivity.

Fact: More than 20 physicians and PhDs, in various fields, were consulted in order to make the Embody chair.

The design of this was expected for supporting users who sit for long hours – Jeff Weber

Talking about the design, the chair is designed in such a way that it copies a natural human back as well as it comes with bendable ribs and central spine. This will help you to maintain a natural curve and obtain a balanced posture, which will keep you attentive and comfortable for long hours of stressful workload.

An extremely thin outer cover helps air to distribute and maintain the cooling for long equally. The chair comes with a precise look, but at the same time, it looks very clean and can get fit comfortably in any surroundings.

Honestly speaking, no office chair has a seat designed like an Embody chair. The seat is made up of different layers of various material types, and the seat is designed to provide breathable material that is not only flexible but also supportive at the same time.

The pixelated support system helps to distribute the weight equally depending on body movement and weight. The seat comes with a slight contour, no hard edges, quite broad in size, supportive with a lot of padding.

The backrest is very unique compared to other office chairs in the list. The back of the chair is very slim, with the only goal to align with your entire spine and support the complete spinal curve.

The best and unique aspect is the backrest can bend that provides better flexibility for every situation. The design ultimately looks like a human rib cage. It comes with standalone back angle adjustments. The high back design is very supportive of the entire back.

There are tons of office chairs out there in the market, but very few deliver ergonomic support while moving, and this chair is the one among them. Along with this, the lumbar support is just exceptional in forward as well as in reclined positions, and the adjustable armrests help to support your arms into a natural, relaxed position, putting less stress on your shoulders and neck.

The chair is built in the USA with all the high-quality components as well as there is a lot of custom-molded aluminum and plastic for durability as well as it can continuously deliver comfort for many years.

The 2.5-inch standard carpet casters (black nylon) are incredibly durable and made for low to medium pile carpet. The six ergonomics features help to maintain a healthy posture no matter how long you sit on the chair.

Warranty: 12 year Herman Miller warranty on the product.



Verdict: All in all, the embody chair is perfect for maintaining a good posture; also it will make you feel like you’re hovering while working or gaming, this office chair is a great buy. It can easily suffice any users thanks to 275lbs weight capacity. If you’re looking for an office chair for long term use with a lengthy warranty and other useful features and health benefits, then this is the one you should go for.


2. Duramont Ergonomic Chair

Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair Review

Duramont has created an amazing ergonomic office chair with a lot of adjustable features that to an affordable cost to deliver comfortable sitting for long hours.

The best part about Duramont that I love the most is, they are devoted to providing high-quality office chairs, created with optimum comfort in mind. On top of that, duramont’s every chair is top-rated and high reviews by the buyers.

Now before we start looking at the further details, you should know that Duramont is more than just an office chair from the manufacturing standpoint, it is actually a phenomenon, and while duramont has used premium quality breathable mesh instead of the traditional low-quality materials that are used in most of the office chairs.

With said, if you are wondering about the additional features, this ergonomic office chair comes with numerous adjustable sitting features where you can adjust the comfortable seating position according to you.

At the same time, you can modify the headrest, lumbar support, armrest, tilt tension, and much more. While working for long hours, the breathable mesh will keep your back cool by eliminating warm air through the mesh so that you can work sweat-free and comfortable for extra hours.

The chair can hold up to 330lbs of maximum weight quickly because of the high-quality materials at the same time you can move through the room floor easily and comfortably with your weight thanks to the rollerblade caster wheel.

Focusing on the back support, the duramont has incorporated adjustable lumbar support and recline feature for ideal comfort where you can easily tilt back or straight as per your need.

Along with all these, duramont has offered a fantastic bonus, after buying the chair if you don’t love it then you can simply return it within 90 days with a 100% money-back guarantee, but this will not happen because of their chairs are too damn good.




Verdict: Duramont ergonomic chair is a marvel product that delivers useful features combined with amazing performance and, most importantly, an affordable price that anyone can afford easily. With numerous adjustments, great back support, high-quality materials, breathable mesh, money-back guarantee, and many more. It is one of the best and affordable homes and office chairs that you can buy right now.


3. Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair Review

The next product on our list is coming again from Herman Miller, and this time its the ‘Aeron Office Chair.’ Before we begin, you should know that the Herman Miller Aeron, in many ways, can be considered a younger brother of the Herman Miller Embody and before we start, you should know that this office chair is possibly one of the more popular chairs among all the office chair because of its several features you get, and how you can get the utmost comfort from them completely.

Speaking of the overall features, the Aeron office chair carries the highest build quality grade with rating 8.5/10 our team has given to this chair after using it for almost 8-10 hours daily for one week.

While building the Aeron chair, there were many thoughts added to make it one of the great chairs. The chair is manufactured in the USA with all the high-quality components entirely.

Each and every part about the build of this chair is top of the line. The plastic used in the chair is top quality and durable  I have seen on a chair.

The unique part about the chair that we loved the most is, all the parts of the Aeron chair was designed and manufactured only for the Aeron.

This is not like other ordinary chairs in the market where some generic elements are used to produce various chairs models. All in all, every part go hand in hand amazingly and looks quite clean.

The chair comes with a tremendous comfortable seat that every user gonna love because of the 8Z pellicle mesh that is quite flexible and soft, which makes you feel that you’re floating while sitting on the chair.

The seating experience on this chair was quite stable, and the seat of the chair is configured with side bolsters that will make you feel you’re sitting on the seat, not top of it.

The backrest of the chair is made of the same 8Z pellicle mesh that was used to create a seat. The back of the chair comes with amazing large lumbar support that has a natural curve to support the entire back, and the back is designed in a way to keep your back opposing it.

This not only feels natural to use the entire back of the Aeron chair but also feels very comfortable in the bost upright and reclining position.  The mesh is just awesome because it is exceptionally breathable that prevents overheating and sweating while sitting for long hours.

The backrest comes with three different options starting with “Zonal Back Support” that only features the backrest. Then 2nd you can enhance to “Adjustable Lumbar Support” that provides you better lumbar support, including the adjustable height feature.

The 3rd and last option is the “Adjustable PostureFit SL” that provides support in the particular areas in the lower back, but that can be adjusted as per your requirements.

The chair comes with a lot of ergonomics adjustments like Seat height, Adjustable Lumbar, Arm depth, height, Pivot, and three tilt lock positions. Along with this, the black nylon casters that not only look sleek but roll smoothly are quite durable in the long run.




Verdict: The main reason behind Aeron is the famous office chair because of its marvellous features. We completely agree that this chair comes with a high price; it can be absolutely warranted with what all premium features you’re getting. If you have tried mesh office chairs before and don’t like the feel, then this is not for you. But if you’ve tried mesh chairs before and looking for the top-line products, then don’t let anything stop you from buying this product.


4. Serta Air Executive Chair

Serta Air Executive Office Chair Review

Serta, a well-known premium home and kitchen manufacturing brand from the last 75 years has also launched office chairs in the market and is undoubtedly one of the best budget-friendly chairs in the market till now.

From the mattress to office chairs, Serta’s primary goal is to deliver the best comfort for the long run that, too, at an affordable cost. Not only office chairs, but Serta’s every product is also very positively reviewed on amazon and has won thousands of hearts of their customers.

So, what’s fascinating about the Serta Executive Chair? Well, there are plenty of things. The name itself says “Air Health” to eliminate pain and strains while working for long hours as the chair comes with ‘air lumbar’ the responsive air lumbar flexes and twists in reaction to your body motions and supports your back spine consistently.

The best part that I loved the most about this chair is, deeply layered body pillows deliver additional comfort continuously in every body movement.

At the same time, the elevated & thick padded headrest provides optimum support and comfort to help eliminate the stress as well as with the help of ‘EZ-Reach Control Arm’ you can adjust each armrest as per your convenience to reduce hand, wrist and forearm stress.

There are very few chairs in the market in this budget offering thick cushioned armrests. Serta is offering hand-modeled upholstered arms rests to enjoy the relaxed and comfy seating while working or gaming.

On the other hand, a waterfall seat edge helps to eradicate pressure and promotes natural circulation, especially for people who glue themselves for long hours.

Talking about the upholstery, flexible, soft, and eco-friendly bonded leather along with contrast stitching not only looks impressive but also makes you feel extremely relaxed while working overtime for long hours.

The heavy-duty 60mm smooth-rolling caster delivers smooth movability across your home or office without scratching your floor.

Warranty: 1 year Serta warranty on the product.



Verdict: The Serta’s ‘air health and wellness executive office chair’ is another wonderful office chair in this list, offering numerous features at a very reasonable cost. With flexible air lumbar, cushioned armrests, elevated padding & waterfall edges, smooth-rolling, additional body pillows, and brand value of Serta, this one is worthy of the third spot on the list. If you’re in a hunt for the most comfortable chair with numerous features to enjoy at a low cost, then this chair is just perfect for you.


5. Ergohuman High Back Chair

Ergohuman High Back Office Chair Review

Ergohuman took everyone by surprise when they announced their ‘Ergohuman High Back Chair’, if you think that name sounds rare, then take a look at the chair itself.

It is one of the unique and rare designed chairs compared to others on this list, but not only this chair, but Ergohuman’s every chair looks similar. The company is trying to do its best in producing something very unique in design as well as comfort so that they can stand out of the competition.

With that said, we are checking out ‘Ergohuman High Back Chair’ technical details, as we can see in the above image that the back of the chair is slightly segmented in 3 different parts that are headrests, mid-back and lower back to deliver long term comfort while sitting.

At the same time, it offers three positions tilt lock adjustments where you can adjust one of three positions as per your need; additionally, with the help of a pneumatic cylinder, you can quickly adjust the chair height.

The best part that I loved the most about this chair is, the eight ergonomic adjustments (tilt lock, back angle, back height, seat height, tilt tension control, seat depth, synchro-tilt, and arm height) provides all-day comfort and makes it one of the supportive and durable chairs in this list.

Additionally, the perfect shaped and height-adjustable lumbar support is just outstanding for delivering continuous comfort.

Along with this, Synchro-tilt mechanism and seat depth control help you sit in the correct posture and get optimum support while moving or sitting in an upright or reclining position.

The chair is 97% made up of recyclable elements, and the durable, breathable mesh seat and entire back eradicate warm air by enhancing better airflow so that you can work comfortably for long hours without any interruptions.

The base is made up of chrome/polypropylene that is quite durable and supportive for hefty people, and the nylon casters are smooth and move quickly across the room without scratching the floor. Speaking of the certification, the chair is green guard indoor air quality certified and meets ANSI/BIFMA standards.




Verdict: Our opinion on this chair is very clear. If you’re looking for a chair with a completely unique design, ideal comfort as well as support with numerous adjustments to enjoy. Keep in mind the chair is somewhat pricey for budget-oriented users. Apart from this, it is a quality chair with all the features that one could ask for under this price range.


6. Steelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair Review

The next up on our list is the Steelcase gesture chair, and in case you don’t know, steel case perhaps is one of the best furniture companies out in the market, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to people as it is simply too awesome.

The main highlight for this magnificent chair is its premium quality, and the design of the chair is made to assist the latest technology as well as it is very positively reviewed on amazon by countless buyers.

Talking about the further details of this excellent home office chair, the gesture of this chair was encouraged by the motion of the human body while working, sitting, or gaming for long hours and supported every posture and weight.

The chair comes with a core equalizer, which provides additional lumbar support when you’re sitting in the upright posture by the core equalizer, which is backed by a torsional spring that manages the angle of the seat by providing less support on deep recline.

The adjustments of the chair are quite helpful and easy to operate for all, as it comes with two knobs for double adjustments for quick response for your any modifications, the front knob will help you to manage the seat height and depth, and at the same time, the back knob will help you adjust the tension and variable.

Another thing that I liked the most about this chair is, it automatically settles to imitate natural back spine movement and shaping to your back in every position.

No doubt, Steelcase is doing its best to deliver quality and unique products to its customers. The armrests of the gesture chair are entirely unique and amazingly supportive compared to the others in the market as the chair comes with “360 Armrests” where it will be moving just similar to human’s arm and supports users in any position so that you can maintain a healthy posture while working or gaming.

All in all, the steel case gesture chair is quite stable from the bottom of the chair to the top of the backrest, and there are a top-level quality and consistency overall. The main motto of Steelcase in creating this chair was to support the user’s entire body, no matter the device they were using.

Warranty: The mechanisms, gas cylinders, arms, foam padding, and casters are covered with 12 years of warranty from Steelcase, and the chair is rated for 24/7 usage.



Verdict: This gesture chair from Steelcase is a solid chair. If you are having a good budget and looking from some amazingly supportive and top quality chair, then this is the one you should go for. The chair comes under $1000 with countless features like great warranty, top build quality, optimum back support, 12 years warranty, and many more. It is a better option to make a solid investment in Steelcase gesture than buying several cheap chairs in a 12 year period.


7. Sihoo Ergonomic Recliner Chair

Sihoo Ergonomic Recliner Office Chair Review

Sihoo is another well known and professional office furniture supplier that delivers its products worldwide. The main motto of this company is to provide products that combine comfort, practicality, support, and health. Just like “Serta executive chair” and “Ergohuman high back chair”, this ergonomic office chair is somewhat similar to it in terms of features.

This office chair is fantastic with high reviews, an affordable price range, functionality, and easy to use. If you’re looking for a great chair with a lot of features to enjoy without making a hole in your pocket, we’ve got you covered.

Speaking of the technical details and design of the chair, it comes with two different supportive, and adjustable pillows that are on the headrest and lumbar, which delivers complete comfort on every movement, and both can be adjusted to the personal needs to enjoy ideal comfort and support for long working hours.

Along with these adjustable pillows, the chair comes with an ergonomic adjustable backrest where you easily and quickly adjust the reclining position according to your tasks at the same time the S-shaped back contours to the spine and supports the back in every movement while working, reading, gaming or relaxing.

The chair has a robust and realistic back support frame that ensures excellent back support because the back frame not only looks futuristic but manufactured by top quality PP material for optimum comfort for the long term.

The Adjustable footstool and armrests are a great addition in the chair. The footstool will support your legs to get proper rest after a long hectic schedule, and at the same time, you can adjust your armrests as per your need to get perfect comfort and support.

The seat cushion of the chair is very comfortable as the company has used wave-contour design to distribute your thigh and hip pressure equally, and to prevent sinking and sagging the seat is wrapped with tastefully-patterned cotton fabric so that you can work comfortably for long hours.

The chair comes with polished aluminum alloy solid base that is quite supportive and durable, as well as provides excellent support even if you’re moving across the room, and at the same time, the PU rubber rolling casters are very smooth and move quickly without damaging the floor.




Verdict: Overall, the Sihoo ergonomic chair is good with numerous premium features like back support, adjustable footstool and armrests, solid base, comfortable seat, adjustable back, lumbar, headrest and many more at an affordable cost. The robust build quality makes it worthy of this list.


8. Hbada Reclining Chair

Hbada Reclining Office Chair Review

Hbada reclining office chair is the next best option on the list. For those who don’t know much about this brand “Hbada”, then let me give you a very short introduction about it. Hbada means black and white tone in English, as its an office furniture supplier.

Hbada is well known for producing minimalist style, environment-friendly, comfortable, and affordable ergonomic office chairs with innovative research, development, quality, and perfect service.

With that said, in case you are wondering about the features and additional benefits that go into this office chair, well, there is quite a lot. The chair comes with a minimal black and white color premium design that looks entirely professional and stylish for any interior.

Along with its professional appearance, the chair is really comfortable as it comes with a great seat cushion and lumbar support that fits amazingly as per natural body shape and improves the natural curve and releases the pressure of your spine so that you can work or relax comfortably.

The chair comes with a lot of advantageous adjustabilities to provide the right amount of comfort for your needs. Starting from the top, the height-adjustable and rotatable headrest supports the cervical column remarkably.

The great kinematic tilt mechanism helps to manage the angle of the chair as per your requirements, and the main highlight is the back of the chair can be locked at any angle between 90 to 150 degrees, the 90 degrees is perfect for working, 135 degrees for resting and 150 degrees for sleeping.

After a long hectic day, the sturdy metal structure pull-out footrest works marvelously for relaxing your legs, the pull-out footrest and 150 degrees back tilt is a perfect combination for relaxing your entire body.

The comfortable and high-density breathable mesh back seat eliminates warm and bad air by better and fresh air flow as well as the 10cm modernized big size seat cushion adds more comfort and support while working or gaming. The armrests come with a foam padding for better support and comfort for your wrist, forearm, and hand stress.

The chair comes with a strong and durable heavy-duty base that is quite stable and holds up to the maximum weight of 300 lbs, and the casters roll quite smooth and quick without damaging the floor. The frame and back support are shaped from high strength engineer polymer that makes the chair durable and supportive in the long run.




Verdict: This is really a great office chair for those who are on a tight budget and looking for some great adjustability and comfort like pull-out footrest, 90 to 150-degree tilt mechanism, breathable mesh, big size seat cushion and many more. Overall, it is an affordable premium chair under $200 with Hbada’s service and product quality. You can never go wrong with this.


9. AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Chair

Amazon Basics Big Tall Executive Chair Review

The next product on our list is from Amazon’s private label brand that is AmazonBasics. AmazonBasics is famous for making low budget products with dozens of advanced features that those other brands simply fail to provide.

Just like the other office chairs in the list, this chair from Amazon is built well and performs its job perfectly that too at an affordable cost. Not only the office chairs, but AmazonBasics offers products in over 14 categories.

So, what’s the good thing about the AmazonBasics Executive Office Chair? The chair is pretty big and tall so that any human size can get fit in it easily as well as the seat is quite spacious (wider) compared to other ordinary office chairs, and the exterior bonded leather not only gives it a great look but also provides optimum comfort.

The executive style high back offers superior ergonomic lumbar support and mobility while working, gaming, or resting at your desk.

The main highlight of this fabulous chair is the structured cushioning that offers excellent comfort to the entire back for long hours of sitting, and with the help of pneumatic seat height mechanism, you can easily and quickly adjust your perfect seating positions for working or gaming.

The smooth, flexible, and glossy exterior bonded leather offers classy looks and consistent durability. The primary purpose of this chair is to support the entire body as it comes with ergonomic back padding, cushioned armrests, and ample seat cushion.

Talking about the base, the chair comes with robust and stable 5 point base for ideal support and the 360-degree swivel will allow you to access a different of adjacent work areas without standing up and at the end of the chair, five premium and sturdy hooded caster wheels will help you to swivel, roll and multi-task like a pro.

The chair can easily hold up to 500 lbs of maximum weight with great support and optimum comfort throughout your working, gaming, or resting hours.




Verdict: To wrap it up, the AmazonBasics office chair does a pretty decent job in both support and comfort. The quality is top-notch at this price, looks expensive, and has a glossy and flexible executive bonded leather. We didn’t have any major problems using it; the only drawback is the assembling might be a bit difficult for some users.


10. Smugdesk High Back Executive Thick Padding Chair

Smugdesk High Back Executive Thick Padding Office Chair Review

This smugdesk is an office chair that is our next option on the list, and before we begin, you should know that this chair comes with thick padding to provide extreme comfort.

If you’re hunting for a great chair with hundreds of five-star ratings at an affordable cost, we’ve got you covered. Its main selling point is that it has excellent additional padding for optimum comfort, better posture, and enhance cushioning.

However, you should keep in mind that while this chair is perfect for people who are comfortable or love sitting in thick padding for long hours.

With that said, we are taking a look at the Smugdesk High Back Executive Chair, one of the best office chairs at low cost available in the market. The chair comes with comfortable high back design with extra padding for better function and comfort so that it can provide you top performance for the long term.

High-density mesh eliminates heats and promotes better air circulation that helps to make your chair breathable while sitting for long hours.

The lumber pad is very comfortable as it supports the low back for your hips and lumbar section, as well as the tremendous cushioning features, which will definitely improve the sitting experience.

Very few chairs come with a padded headrest at this budget, the smugdesk office chair comes with a top-quality padded leather headrest that will help you to provide better support for your head and neck. Talking about the armrests, the chair has padded armrests for better comfort, including your forearm with great alignment while you write, type, or rest.

The chair comes with adjustable and supportive recline for topmost comfort and support while you work and rest. You can easily adjust the seat as per your convenience, and with ergonomic tilt function you can, you can rock it to have a nap or rest.

The chair has a heavy-duty base with safe and reliable five claw that can easily hold up to 500lbs maximum weight capacity along with this; the wheel s are made up of PU casters that are scratch proof and provides the silent movement with 360-degree operability. The durable and smooth lever will help you to adjust the height of the chair according to your comfortable posture.




Verdict: Overall, the Smugdesk high back chair is good for people those who are looking for thickly padded high back chair under $300 then this is just perfect for you. In short, this great office chair offers ideal sitting experience, great comfort with thick padding, cable operated mechanism, heavy-duty design for big and tall peoples, and comes with 12 months sales service.


Few Words Before Wrapping Up

If you have gone through the complete list above, we are sure you have made your mind on which chair to buy. All the above office chairs are great in their own segments.

The best office chair is one that provides high-quality comfort & ideal support while you sit and rest. These chairs assist spine alignment, reduce back pain and muscle tension, as well as improves posture so that you can work for long hours without any pause.

Now you have a complete list of the office chairs that will help your back stay comfortable all the time, and now it’s time to make your own choice. We all know how saturated the entire chairs market really is. In such a market, you need to understand the right thing about the office chair before making a purchase.

While this is our list, we would love to hear your opinions in the comment section, or you can directly (Contact Us) for any queries. If you found this article helpful, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.